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HVAC Acronyms

HVAC equipment on a shopping mall in Cranbrook, BC
A lot of HVAC units on a mall in Cranbrook, BC. These units require a lot of electricity!

Electrical consultants work closely with mechanical consultants. HVAC units are usually the largest electrical loads in commercial buildings. Here is a list of HVAC acronyms and HVAC abbrevations that we've compiled over the years.

The air conditionings one pertain more for the Okanagan while the heating and ventilation ones are used mainly for our Alberta and interior BC projects.

AcyronymWhat it Stands for
ACAir Conditioning
ACAlternating Current
ACHAir Changes per Hour
ACMAsbestos Containing Material
AFUEAnnual Fuel Efficiency Ratio
AHUAir Handling Unit
AIAnalog Input
AOAnalog Output
ASHRAEAmerican Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
BBBaseboard Heater
BBHBaseboard Heater
BACnetA Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks
BASBuilding Automation System
BCABuilding Commissioning Association
BIBackward Incline
BIBinary Input
BOBinary Output
BTUBritish Thermal Unit
BTUHBritish Thermal Units / Hour
BYBase Year
CAVConstant Air Volume
CDCold Deck
CDDCooling Degree Days
CEMCertified Energy Manager
CFMCubic Feet per Minute
CHWChilled Water
CHWPChilled Water Pump
CHWRChilled Water Return
CHWRTChilled Water Return Temperature
CHWSChilled Water Supply
CHWSTChilled Water Supply Temperature
CLFCooling Load Factor
CLTDCooling Load Temperature Difference
COPCoefficient Of Performance
CRACComputer Room Air Conditioner
CTCooling Tower
CVConstant Volume
CVRMSECoefficient of Variation of the Root Mean Square of the Error
CWPCondenser Water Pump
CWRCondenser Water Return
CWRTCondenser Water Return Temperature
CWSCondenser Water Supply
CWSTCondenser Water Supply Temperature
CYCurrent Year
DADischarge Air
DBData Base
DBDry Bulb
DCDirect Current
DCVDemand Controlled Ventilation
DDDegree Day
DDCDirect Digital Control
DHDuct Heater
DIDigital Input
DODigital Output
DPDew Point
DPDifferential Pressure
DXDirect Expansion
EATEntering Air Temperature
ECMElectronically Commutated Motor
ECMEnergy Conservation Measure
ECOEnergy Conservation Opportunity
EDHElectric Duct Heater
EEMEnergy Efficiency Measure
EEREnergy Efficiency Ratio
EFExhaust Fan
EHElectric Heater
EMSEnergy Management System
ESCOEnergy Service Company
EUHElectric Unit Heater
EWTEntering Water Temperature
FCForward Curve
FCUFan Coil Unit
FFForce Flow heater
FFHForce Flow Heater
FIMFacility Improvement Measure
FLAFull Load Amps
FMSFacility Management System
FPMFeet Per Minute
FWFeed Water
GPMGallons Per Minute
GUIGraphical User Interface
HDHot Deck
HDDHeating Degree Days
HEPAHigh Efficiency Particulate Arresting
HHVHigher Heating Value
HWHHot Water Heater
HWPHot Water Pump
HWTHot Water Tank
HWRHot Water Return
HHWSHeating Hot Water Supply
HLHigh Limit
HPSHigh Pressure Steam
HRHeat Recovery
HRUHeat Recovery Unit
HRVHeat Recovery Ventilator
HSPFHeating Seasonal Performance Factor
HVACHeating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
HWPHot Water Pump
HWRHot Water Return
HWSHot Water Supply
HWRTHot Water Return Temperature
HWSTHot Water Supply Temperature
HXHeat Exchanger
I/OInput Output
IAQIndoor Air Quality
IPMVPInternational Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol
LATLeaving Air Temperature
LHVLower Heating Value
LLLow Limit
LONLocal Operating Network
LPLow Pressure
LPSLow Pressure Steam
LRALocked Rotor Amps
LWBTLeaving Wet Bulb Temperature
LWTLeaving Water Temperature
M&VMeasurement and Verification
MAMixed Air
MATMixed Air Temperature
MCAMinimum Current Ampacity
MCCMotor Control Center
MUAMake-up Air Unit
MXMetrix Utility Accounting System
NCNormally Closed
NEMANational Electrical Manufacturers Association
NONormally Open
NPSHNet Positive Suction Head
OAOutside Air
OAPOutside Air Percentage
OATOutside Air Temperature
ODPOpen Drip Proof
OWSOperator Work Station
PCPerformance Contracting
PIDProportional Integral Derivative
PRVPressure Relief Valve
PRVPressure Reducing Valve
PTACPackaged Terminal Air Conditioner
RAReturn Air
RFReturn Fan
RPMRevolutions Per Minute
RTDResistance Temperature Detector
RTURoof Top Unit
SASupply Air
SATSupply Air Temperature
SCShading Coefficient
SEERSeasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
SFSupply Fan
SHFGSolar Heat Gain Factor
SHRSensible Heat Ratio
SPSet Point
SPStatic Pressure
SWPSteam Working Pressure
TEVThermostatic Expansion Valve
TODTime Of Day
TORRMillimeter of Mercury (mmHg)
TXVThermostatic Expansion Valve
UHUnit Heater
UVUnit Ventilator
VAVVariable Air Volume
VDVolume Damper
VFDVariable Frequency Drive
VSDVariable Speed Drive
VSPVariable Speed Pump
WBWet Bulb
WCWater Column

We'll be adding to this list of HVAC acronyms and abbreviations on an ongoing basis.