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The Engineering Process

Our approach to every project is believing in keeping things simply yet following good engineering practice. With proper system design and integration, you get a solution that

  • meets your needs,
  • has reliable operation,
  • meets your financial and technical goals,
  • is maintainable for future growth.
The Engineering Process

Every project is headed by a project manager and/or project engineer to ensure all development steps are followed from start to finish. Each phase has deliverables that are reviewed and approved by the client. Client approval is necessary before moving to the next phase.


A dedicated project manager works with the client to understand and to establish project milestones including:

  • project objections,
  • personnel,
  • time-frames,
  • budgets, operating expenses and costs
  • maintenance programs and training programs,


This is where our engineers work with the client to assemble the project requirements and data. Site visits are usually conducted and walk-throughs are done to convey ideas and to bounce ideas off one another.

A Requirements Specification is developed to guide the system design into the next phase. The following are clearly written and drawn out:

  • functional data
  • performance requirements
  • physical layout,
  • HMI operation.


This is where a design is created to create an integrated system of hardware and software to meet all of the functional requirements. Drawings are completed as are design descriptions. Bid requests are obtained, evaluated and technical recommendations are made.


This is where all parties reviews the technical, operational, financial and development merits of the proposal. It gives the client an easy-to-understand review of the solutions and a chance to ask what-if questions before making a final decision.


This is where all the hands-on development, fabrication and programming takes place. System integration follows sound engineering practices and the project manager ensures progress follows the agreed upon strategy and timeline.

Documents produced: Operator Manuals, Training Materials and technical guides.

Hardware and software platforms are integrated and tested to verify the project design requirements are met. Simulation is commonly used to ensure compliance with industry standards. Throughout the development phase, client inspections are available.

Once the control panels have been field installed and wired, the Site Acceptance Test is performed after which the operators are trained on the equipment.


This is where our engineers and the client's operator work together check out and get a feel for the system - a test drive. A formal start-up takes the control system into operation and all equipment and communications are confirmed. The system is then turned over to the client.


After commissioning the system and all training and operational documents have been turned over to the client, ICS Engineering is capable of providing ongoing servicing including reliability engineering studies and maintenance programs. This can be as simple as annual check-ups or 24/7 support agreements.