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Street Lighting Design

As traffic numbers & density increase, it is important to have effective street lighting design to make roadways safer. We all drive & walk in our community and that makes public safety everyone's interest.

We want safe communities and street lighting helps to prevent crime and the fear of crime. Combined with distinctive designs, street lighting can be functional and aesthetically pleasing to give character to a neighbourhood.

ICS Engineering Inc. is IMSA certified and offers an extensive range of street lighting design services to a number of key business sectors including:

Street lighting design

  • Architects,
  • Landscape Architects,
  • Local Authorities,
  • Civil Engineering Consultants,
  • Property and Land Developers.

Both outdoor and indoor lighting design is a balance between function and safety. With new energy efficiency technologies being deployed, we will select the right equipment to reduce operating cost yet will not sacrifice design appeal. Voltage drop is critical in designing consistent illumination.

Light creepage is the unintentional spillage of light onto adjoining properties. By using simulation software, our designs conform to municipal & provincial regulations.

As electrical consultants, we would be pleased to provide you with engineering advice & design on your next street lighting project. Please contact one of our offices for more information.

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