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Project Management - Project Lifecycle

No two projects are the same. But for a project to be successful, electrical consultants use the Project Management Institute's (PMI) project management framework to complete a project quickly and efficiently. Common flexible methodology that is tailored for your unique project is a tried and true way for success.

Problems happen because there is a gap between what the client expects and what the project team delivers.

Using a proven project methodology results in better project planning, which gives the team direction and defined deliverables in a clear successive order.

Projects becomes predicable as we plan and monitor actual achievement of results compared to the entire overall schedule.

Electrical engineering consulting follow project management lifecycle

Projects are delivered quicker and cheaper when there is a predictable pattern that everyone can see and follow.

ICS Engineering takes proven framework of the Project Management Institute's and integrates them with the best practices of your organization.

Project Lifecycle

Initiation Phase

Planning Phase

Execute and Control Construction Phase


Define scope Refine actual installation approaches with team Meet/exceed progress and production metrics Review actual and estimate performance
Estimate install methods Conduct resource planning Manage and lock in variable costs with Purchase Orders Review and update Best Practices
Obtain quotes from key vendors and subcontractors Confirm quotes with Purchase Orders-manage risk: think win-win! Make adjustments for site conditions Deep dive into issues that need to shared
Estimate impact of logistics, location & other costs Set milestones, budget and schedule Manage changes
Estimate productivity Update budget

What does all of this means to your ICS Project?

  1. You save cost and effort by proactively managing the scope of the project. No unnecessary or wayward work that doesn't lead to the final outcome.
  2. We work to enhance communication with the client, stake holders and the entire team by having a written communication plan.
  3. Problems are resolved quickly in a collaborative manner by having an project management process with defined rules.
  4. We work with our clients to identify and to anticipate future risks before they become problems.
  5. Using a disciplined process means we can get it right the first time and deliver a quality solution.
  6. Everything is tracked. We watch the performance and track project costs against budget.

Growing companies that follow proven project lifecycle methods have lower costs, happier employees and more satisfied clients.