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Life Safety Systems

Buildings offer interior space for us to live, work and play. And in the time of emergencies, life safety systems are there to protect and evacuate your employees and reduce losses to your equipment. These mandatory systems are there to keep you and your work family safe from fire and smoke. It gives people direction and lighting when it's needed the most.

Life safety systems are made up of three main systems:

  • Fire alarm systems include smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors which activate audible and visual alarms.

  • Emergency lighting systems activate when the power fails. These lights operate on battery-power backup systems and turn on when the power fails. They required to provide lighting for a minimum of 30 minutes.

  • Exit signs provide locations of exit doors and directions to those exit doors. These signs are constantly illuminated and remain operational for a minimum of 30 minutes in the event of a power failure.

Emergency lighting is a part of a buildings life safety system
Emergency Lighting is a part of a building's life safety system.
As business and building owners, it's our responsibility to provide reliable life safety systems to ensure a safe workplace.

As electrical consultants, we enjoy working with you to:

  • Design a customized system that meets requirements set out in the BC, Alberta and the Canadian North standards as well as the unique requirements of your operations. Each system is customized to meet industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-residential regulations.
  • Provide CAD drawings showing the necessary equipment for the systems. This design is then submitted to the local authorities for approval.
  • Prepare tender documents to our client which is then sent to local installation companies for bid proposals. This is a competitive process to ensure that the best price and equipment is received.
  • Verify the operation of the system either with certification and/or eye-witness testing.
  • Provide provincial sign-off to declare the system is functional and operational to current standards.

With a well-designed fire protection system, we are able to coordinate life safety systems with sprinkler systems, fire pumps, pre-action, deluge, standpipe, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, dry suppression, foam systems, FM 200 and Hi Fog mist systems.

What's at Stake?

Life safety systems save lives. Over the past century, as a society we have learned from past disasters and how to help reduce the probability of the severe loss of life and property. No system is perfect but with modern standards and proven industry practice, life safety systems are able to make our buildings, offices and homes more reliable and safer for everyone.