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Industrial IT

Advanced information systems start with reliable industrial IT networks and database management.

Industrial IT networks

Business cycles change month to month, year to year and having an industrial IT system that is flexible as your business makes managing production and inventory much easier.

ICS Engineering designs and implements secure IT infrastructure that is reliable, expandable and secure. We specialize in seamlessly integrating production data with operational business systems. Our designs meet client's need for availability, performance and growth.

Information Technology System Design

We know how to integrate IT infrastructure with security to safeguard production data and corporate information. With increased threats from both inside and outside of the company domain, we reduce the changes of attacks, misappropriation of data and compromised automation systems.

Disaster Planning

IT outages leave production equipment idle, employees frustrated and customers disappointed. We provide disaster assessment and recovery planning to reduce unforeseen down-time. Disasters can't be predicted but with preparation, they can be mitigated.

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