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Electrical Consulting Articles

Transformer Full Load Current Ratings - Find the maximum secondary current of a 3-phase or a 1-phase transformer.

Connecting Electric Water Heaters - Water and electricity mix dangerously well. Electric water heaters must be connected according to the Canadian Electical Code.

HVAC Acronyms - Electrical consultants need to understand HVAC acronyms.

MCA vs FLA - What are these parameters used for when powering up motors?

Electrical Load Calculation - An electrical load calculation determines the amount of electricity required for your office and business.

Electrical Load Monitoring - Measuring your electrical usage is the first step in discovering problems and lowering your cost.

Business models for electric vehicle charging stations - Exploring the possible market strategies for this new transportation sector in Canada.

Rooftop Receptacle Requirements - Rooftop receptacles are now required in Canada on commercial and industrial buildings.

Motor Service Factor - What is that number on the label?

Voltage Drop in a Circuit - In real life, we have to design electrical circuits to take impedance into account.

Electrical Distribution Systems Assessments - For some facilities, an electrical distribution assessment is done only after things go wrong.

Electrical Distribution Systems & Rodents Do Not Mix! - They are small & cute and look so innocent. When you see them scurrying along the floor, they appear harmless and scared but electrical distribution systems & rodents do not go well together.

Ohm's Law - How Voltage, Current and Resistance Relate - A student recently asked me about Ohm's law and the best way to explain it was to use a water pipe analogy...

Power System Studies - Our electrical distribution system is doing funny things lately...

IC Rated vs. Non-IC Rated Light Fixtures - IC rated vs non IC rated light fixtures. ICS Engineering explains the difference.

Commercial and Industrial Lighting Design - Creating a balance between aesthetics, function, reliability and energy efficiency.

Fire Alarm System Design - The process of how a fire alarm and life safety system is designed.

Automation Engineering Articles

Attack on an Industrial Control System leaves Massive Damage at Steel Plant - A sophisticated cyber-attack leaves massive damage on a blast furnace at a German steel mill. How to stop cyber-attacks on industrial control systems.

Are Industrial Computer Networks Secure? - Are industrial control systems secure now that viruses are attacking Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs) and SCADA networks?

Critical Flaw Discovered in Many Industrial PLCs - Cyber attacks are now targeting industrial PLCs directly with vulnerabilities in the controlling OS.

Industrial Communication Networks Need Protection - Industrial communication networks used in control systems need to be secure to avoid intrusion & interruption from hackers.

How to Disaster-Proof Your Control System - Control system design should include disaster planning to take into account power interruptions. Control and production data need to be backed up in the case of a large-scale catastrophe.

How to Toughen Monitoring Equipment for Harsh Environments - Industrial control systems, electrical distribution and communication equipment must be made environmentally hardened and rugged to withstand mother nature.

PLC Redundancy - Depending on the difficulty of interruptions, severity of the consequences or governing regulations, some applications require PLC redundancy to keep people and equipment safe.

Types of Redundancies - The type of redundancy to implement in a PLC system depends on the consequences of an equipment failure to the production system, to the products in the queue and to the business continuity.

Communications Articles

Fiber Optic Network Outage - Fiber optic networks need to be designed for reliability and durability or communication outages will inconvenience people and industrial control systems.

First Ocean Cable Crossing - 150 years later - the first permanent cable crossing of an ocean.

Project Management - Project Engineering Process

Project Management Process - A successful project usually has a high-level project manager or project engineer to make sure things stay on track.">

Project Methodology - The engineering process is clear and concise and follows a well practiced guidelines that delivers success.

Project Lifecycle - This article describes the necessary steps to complete a successful engineering project.