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Electrical Consultants

Electrical Building Services

Award winning lighting designer
Electrical building services brings an office or home to life. When designed properly, power, lighting & life safety systems aren't even noticed by the user.

We'll work with you on new building designs, retrofits schedule signoff from concept to construction to get it right the first time.

Lighting Design

Lighting design for commercial and industrial buildings.
There's more to lighting design than just fixtures and bulbs. Painting with light is a skill and art that affects how patrons use a building and space.

It affects the feel and function of a building and can make an office or commercial enterprise more appealing.


We specialize in communication design and make the complicated web of IT, telephone and point-of-sale wires into a well woven web holding your critical business systems together.

No two businesses are alike and so we work with clients to create a cabling solution that is right for you today and scalable for the future.


Lighting is the #2 most energy consuming part of most buildings and we are professionals at providing energy efficient solutions in new & retrofit designs.

We don't just use the latest technology but we design the right lighting solution that fits function, aesthetics & energy conservation.


Lives depend on reliable infrastructure and to keep it functioning properly, a reliable power design is critical. From redundant supplies to remote operation, our expert electrical consultants work with you to customize a power system that's right for your operation.