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Reliable communication systems has made remote monitoring and telemetry possible. No matter the distance, a trustworthy control system needs a communication system design that is reliable, has capacity for future growth and features strong security.

We Know Communications

A remote system is only as strong as its weakest link and designing a reliable communication system is what we do best. With 17 years of experience with wireline, fiber, wireless and satellite communications, we build custom networks to specification and within budget.

We build performance, confidence and trust into every system so our clients' business systems achieve maximum up-time.

We Know Wireless

Wireless communication makes remote control and monitoring possible. With a proper link budget and network topology, a system can be designed with enough robustness and future capacity to handle any environment and operating condition.

Networks can span factory floors, connect adjacent buildings or span provincial boundaries. Our experience with SCADA, VHF, cellular, PCS, AWS and 900 MHz/2.4 GHz (free zone), has created reliable enterprise grids as well as continental networks.

We Know Reliable Networks

ICS Engineering Inc. specializes in engineering, procurement, construction and management (EPCM) of communication networks used in industrial control systems.

We offer services in all phases of the project life cycle, including cost estimates and feasibility studies to system commissioning and start-up services.

We direct, control and monitor the project from start to finish, delivering cost-effective and consistent solutions to our clients.

Communication consulting services include:

System Analysis & Feasibility Studies SCADA & Communication Systems
Modeling & Simulation Point-to-Point Link Design
Architecture Design Point-to-Multipoint Link Design
RF Site Survey & Permitting OPE & Fiber Optics
Government Application & Permitting Vendor Assessment
Routing Assessments Product Evaluation
Technology & Product Strategy Installation & Commissioning
Reliability Assessment Antenna Tower Design (Guy Wire & Free-Standing)
Training & Education Designing Cabling Systems  
Fiber Optic Outage
First Ocean Cable Crossing

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