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Automation Engineering

ICS Engineering is a focused supplier of automation engineering and project management to customers in the food & beverage, oil and gas, minerals and metals, clean energy, environment and infrastructure markets.

Commercial and industrial control systems using PLC and relay logic in Alberta and BC

Our team of professionals work with clients during every step of the development process including assessing, planning, constructing, training & operating.

From custom SCADA systems & DCS to PLCs, engineering services include:

  • Control System Design and Integration
  • PLC Programming and Custom HMI
  • SCADA Design
  • Telecom Provisioning - Fiber Optic, Wireless, IP Systems Voice and Data
  • Software control systems
  • Hardware control systems
  • Secure Industrial IT and Cabling
  • Database Management and Integration
  • Custom Database Development
  • Project Management and Project Engineering
  • OEM Outsourcing and Vendor Management
  • Reliability Engineering & Maintenance Scheduling

Companies that understand the importance of cost, quality and scheduling make a good fit with us. We look at creating long-term relationships by providing trusted, committed & reliable products and service.

Coupling PLC programming with secure industrial IT and database integration, we offer full in-house design services that guarantees the quality and schedule that our clients demand.

Following proper engineering design practice makes Industrial Control Systems reliable, rock-solid & trustworthy.

Secure Industrial Networks
Flaws in PLCs
Harsh Environments
PLC Redundancy

ICS Engineering Inc.
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