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Electrical Engineering Consultants


A remote system is only as strong as its weakest link, and designing reliable communications systems is what we do best. With 17 years of experience with wireline, fiber, wireless and satellite communications, we build custom networks to specification and within budget. We build performance, confidence and trust into every system so our clients' business systems achieve maximum up-time.

Electrical Consulting

Electrical building services brings an office or home to life. When designed properly, power, lighting & life safety systems aren't even noticed by the user.

We'll work with you on new building designs, retrofits and schedule sign-off from concept to construction to get it right the first time.

Automation Engineering

ICS Engineering is a focused supplier of automation engineering and project management to customers in the food & beverage, oil and gas, minerals and metals, clean energy, environment and infrastructure markets. Our team of professionals work with clients during every step of the development process including assessing, planning, constructing, training and operating.

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Electrical Engineering Consultants
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